If you have products that you or your customers are unhappy with, we happily accept returns. Alert our team of all returns products at the beginning of the month and we will send a call tag to collect them. Once we have processed your return, you will receive a 100% credit applied to your next invoice. 

To initiate a return of products, send us an email at support@livelyvitaminco.com or call our team at 608.467.6829 and we’ll begin the process. 

Returns Guidelines

  • Contact us to initiate the return process. DO NOT SEND THE PRODUCTS BACK WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST. All returns must be approved and processed by our team before return shipping occurs. 
  • We guarantee our products for at least 90 days or for as long as the bottle should last. We do not allow returns/replacements to be sent if the expiration is outside of this 90-day guarantee.
  • We reserve the right to decline to accept returns if we suspect that fraudulent activities are going on. 
  • We do not accept heat-sensitive products for return. 
  • Returns may be subject to a handling fee.