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Get Even - Women's Hormonal Balance



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Get Even - Women's Hormonal Balance


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      90 capsules

      Help your hormones Get Even! Lively Vitamin Co.’s newest supplement assists women in reining in unruly hormones so they can avoid the painful and irritating symptoms of irregular periods, perimenopause, and PCOS.*

      • Doctor-formulated
      • Encourages women’s hormonal balance for ladies of all ages*
      • Helps ease and regulate painful periods*
      • Supports healthy mood regulation*
      • Helps reduce symptoms of PMS*
      • Assists in relieving fatigue and anxiety*
      • Promotes healthy weight management*

      Great for women of all ages, Get Even is here to help you feel like YOU again, no matter what day of the month it is! Whether you struggle with irregular periods, perimenopause, PCOS, or menopause, we want you to feel comfortable all days of the month and every month of the year from here on. 

      This women’s balance supplement is loaded with ingredients essential to healthy menstruation and an easier time through menopause. These powerful nutrients include: 

      • Thiamin, or Vitamin B1, helps reduce low mood, sleep disorders, tension, fatigue, and anxiety that often come with PMS.*
      • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) offers soothing relief for cramps, headaches, and abdominal pain. Women experiencing menopause can also find relief from symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and digestive upset.*
      • Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus-Castus) helps to reduce the duration and severity of PMS and can encourage a more regular monthly cycle.* This impressive berry also balances hormone levels, promoting comfort during both menstruation and menopause.*
      • P5P (Pyridoxal Phosphate) and Magnesium work together to curb PMS and help brighten mood and mental function.*
      • DIM (Diindolylmethane) helps you manage painful cramps and heavy flow while also encouraging healthy weight regulation and protecting against cystic acne.* Women dealing with hot flashes can also experience relief.*
      • Chamomile is a calming herb, ready to help you take on unruly mood swings and anxiety that naturally come with PMS!*
      • L-Theanine encourages feelings of relaxation and calmness so you can get better sleep and feel a lot less irritated.*
      • Shatavari is the most common Ayurvedic herb to be used in treating women’s health concerns. It helps enhance female libido as well as natural fertility.*
      • Dong Quai is a uterine tonic that can help relieve painful cramping and blood flow.*

      Provide support for your monthly cycles and menopausal symptoms in the best way you can, naturally! As women, it’s normal for our hormones to be imbalanced and all over the place. Fortunately, with Get Even, you can help your hormones do just that — Get Even!

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